Never Too Late

Posted by Patriciaaobrien on Jan 10, 2019 in Musings of a Green-Eyed Girl |

I am majorly addicted to Gilmore Girls.  I think my obsession partly stems from feeling like I don’t have much in my own life right now, so I am fascinated and comforted by this sense of community and humanity.  Partly, it’s an escape from trying to figure out hard things in my own life.  Partly because it’s just a really good show.  The characters are quirky and relatable.  Its funny and dramatic and human.  And my biggest obsession within this obsession is Lorelai and Luke.  The chemistry, the tension, the playfulness, the sweetness, the romance, the friendship,  the absurdity, the taking forever to realize and then discovering something so real and true and right.  The connection and belonging to each other that endures through being with other people, being together, being apart, and everything in between, is beautiful.

So being the obsessor that I am, I tried to find out everything I can about the show and the people who made it.  I listened to Lauren Graham’s latest audiobook.  I am a reader, not a listener, but audiobook is the only way to go when it’s delivered by Lauren Graham.  Along with interesting information about her life and Gilmore Girls, she has some general wisdom to dispense.  For instance on not procrastinating with writing.  I’m using her method right now.  And Scott Patterson has a coffee company.  How perfect.  And he writes a blog for it.  And one of his recent posts (link below) was about getting the job on Gilmore Girls.  I appreciated his honesty and candor.  One thing I was surprised about was that he came to acting later in life.  In fact, GG was his first major role and he was already forty when he started it.  This gave me hope.  I am forty.  I feel like my life is over.  Like I wasted my youth and opportunities.  Like it’s too late.  But after forty, Scott Patterson gave us Luke Danes and amazing coffee and original music.  Luke Danes is beautiful.  He is not old or washed up or past his prime or anything but fabulous.  He is a full, vibrant, deep, amazing character. And honestly I can’t imagine anyone else in that role.  Scott Patterson brought Luke Danes to life.

I am just starting to figure out what I might want to do career wise.  And this made me think, maybe I have something to put out into the world that is worthwhile.  Maybe it’s not too late.  Maybe it’s okay to not have everything figured out at 20 and be on a singleminded perfect trajectory to the one thing you should do.  Maybe it’s okay to try different things.  Maybe you learn along the way things you need for what you will do and be later.  Maybe it takes experiences and time to get to certain points and places and become the person you need to be to do what you end up doing.  Maybe it’s hard and seems impossible or unlikely.  Maybe you should try anyway.  Maybe it’s risky and scary, but worth it.  Maybe it will touch and affect people you don’t even know in ways you haven’t considered.  Maybe it will matter.  Maybe there will be people who find value and beauty in it and wonder how it could have come about in exactly this way without you.


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