Little Boys

Posted by Patriciaaobrien on Jan 27, 2015 in Parenthood |

1.  You find Nerf darts in the washing machine, your boot, and the baby’s mouth all in one day.

2.  You put real thought into how you can make green jeans a fashion trend and do a Google search for pants with kevlar reinforced knees.

3.  You hear yourself saying things like, “Stop chasing your brother with a butter knife!” on a normal Tuesday afternoon.

4.  You decide your next house will have a bathroom made entirely of concrete and steel so you can spray it down with a hose.

5.  You have to make a rule about what is appropriate dinner conversation and refer to it frequently so everyone can keep their dinner in their stomachs.

6. How to store and organize all those Legos is one of life’s great questions.

7.  You discover rocks in the washing machine, kitchen counter, couch… on a regular basis.

8.  Cleaning up means storing away weapons (plastic grenades and swords, cap guns, toy bows with arrows, aforementioned Nerf darts and an armory of guns that launch them).

9.  Multiple pieces of furniture have been broken due to jumping, climbing, swinging, throwing, etc.

10.  You find your (usually classy) self making jokes/songs about body parts/functions due to constant exposure to such behavior.


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